The Future of Apps

is vector search 

Vecto is a hardware accelerated vector search engine that enables developers to create next generation recommendation systems, chatbots and more, by leveraging the latest AI techniques to enable applications that have common sense.

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Fast, Simple and Dynamic vector search

Vecto makes it incredibly fast and easy for developers to use vector search in their applications, with or without a PhD in machine learning.

Blazingly fast

Vecto accelerates vector search by using special silicon that accelerates vector processing. This hardware along with Vecto's fast data infrastructure ensures low latency responses to any query or filter operations.

Fully managed

Vecto runs on fully managed bare metal infrastructure that scales with you. Our clusters are located near popular AWS and Azure regions with direct connections to the respective clouds.


With Vecto you are not limited to only pre-computed vectors. Your applications are free to explore the entire vector space of your data in any way required for your app to deliver a magical experience.


What can you do with vector search?

Our platform uses machine learning to transform text, images, audio or video into a locations in a vector space, making search faster, more accurate, and more scalable.

Semantic Text Search

Passages of text or documents can be reduced to a vector representing their meaning which can be used to search or rank documents based on their semantic relevance to the query even if there are no shared keywords.

Model Training

With more data and more experiments you'll get better results. With Vecto you have an easy-to-use platform to fine-tune your models quick an easilly based on user feedback or click data.


Instead of simply showing similar tables when user's buy a table, you can instead recommend chairs, or silverware because with Vecto your recommendation engine can have common sense.

Image Search

Vecto supports models that can understand images just as well as it can understand text. This enables you to add search to your apps when people take pictures with their phones or upload a scanned documents.

Audio Search

Searching for sounds or songs is also possible with audio search.

Data Labeling

You can leverage item similarities or Vecto analogies to automatically associate items in graph databases.

Helpful Chatbots

Give chatbots an knowledge base with vector search. Enabling bots to point users to helpful documentation or answers when asked questions.

Fraud detection

Prevent fraud by having a systems that knows what is normal and what is abnormal inputs, even for things it has never seen before.


Select a model

Select an embedding model that works with your type of data. You can use one of the many off-the-shelf models available in the Xpress.AI marketplace or upload a custom model to transform and insert your data into your vector space.

Upload your data

Upload your data and metadata to Vecto with the help of our job SDKs or REST API. All with configurable consistency and high availability.

Query dynamically in real-time

Find exact nearest neighbors to any vector in < 10 ms. You can even build dynamic vectors between different data points and query it at any time.

Start free, scale effortlessly.

Meet your cost and performance requirements with a simple, usage-based subscription 


$ 0 .39

/ hour
  • Up to 1,000,000 vectors total 
  • No AI Infrastructure Needed
  • Xpress AI Marketplace Free Models Access
  • Unlimited Vector Spaces


$ 0 .79

/ hour
  • Up to 16,000,000 vectors total
  • No AI Infrastructure Needed
  • Xpress AI Marketplace Fine-Tuned Models
  • Unlimited Vector Spaces


$ 1 .59

/ hour
  • Unlimited vectors
  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Fine-Tuned and Custom Model Servers
  • Unlimited Vector Spaces