The Easiest Way To Add AI To Your Apps

 Vecto is a new type of database software that puts intelligent search and recall at your fingertips,
 allowing you to leverage the full potential of AI in mere minutes.
No Ph.D. in AI needed.

See it in Action 

Models Included

Choose from a range of 
powerful AI models
pre-selected for your needs

Text & Images

Search for images with text. 
Search text content with natural queries.

Easy Setup

Be up and running in record time with 
our easy-to-use setup.

Cloud or On-Prem

Host Vecto on your premises 
or use our cloud-hosted SaaS. 
Get the setup that works best for you.


What can you do with Vecto?

Wave goodbye to outdated search and say hello to AI-powered discovery! Explore more, faster, with our revolutionary ML-driven platform.

Semantic Text Search

Semantic searching allows users to search for documents based on their meaning rather than keywords, providing more relevant results even when the query and document do not share any words.

Model Training

With our platform, you have the flexibility to customize the models so that they are tailored to fit your unique use-case. By leveraging the data available, you can refine and optimize the model to produce the best results for your application.


By incorporating Vecto into your recommendation engine, you can offer complementary products that together form a full experience for the customer - an experience that will make them come back for more!

Explore Data

Unlock new insights with Vecto. Our Vector Space technology allows you to explore the connections and relationships between your data in unprecedented ways, giving you the opportunity to discover new possibilities and make informed decisions.

Data Labeling

Vecto enables you to integrate, explore and leverage item similarities or analogies to create new associations in you graph database.

Helpful Chatbots

Allow your chatbots to  give answers that your users actually seek. With Vector Search, questions can be answered by a knowledgeable chatbot with speed and accuracy.


Select a model

Select the embedding model that best fits your data type. You can use one of our pre-trained models or upload a custom model for vector space transformation.

Index data

Upload your data and metadata to Vecto with ease. Our SDKs and REST API provide configurable consistency, high availability, and security - all in one go.

Query dynamically

Our vector search engine gives you the power to quickly query exact nearest neighbors and even construct dynamic vectors between different data points in milliseconds.

Start free, scale effortlessly.

Take control of your costs and performance requirements. Our simple, usage-based subscription is designed to give you the flexibility to power your business with the solutions and services you need – without commitments or long-term contracts.


$ 30.00

/ month
  • Up to 1,000,000 rows of data
  • Shared use of our AI infrastructure
  • Access to free Models


$ 200​.00

/ month
  • Up to 16,000,000 rows of data
  • Shared use of our AI infrastructure
  • Access to fine-tuned Models


$ 500​.00

/ month per 64M
  • Unlimited amounts of data
  • Dedicated AI Infrastructure
  • Access to fine-tuned and custom models